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New Ways to Dream

14 August 1988
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I read a lot and write a lot. I'm a giant geek who loves coding, computers, and sci-fi. I'm a girly girl deep down inside who likes expensive clothes, high heels, and teen romances - even though I'm no longer a teen - like Gossip Girl. I am a lesbian, and I am three semesters away from getting my bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Computer Science. From there ... who knows?

I used to be very involved in anime fandom, specifically Gundam Wing, which still holds a special place in my heart. I also used to be pretty big on Harry Potter, but now that the series has ended the frenzy has died down. As can be seen quite clearly from my Tumblr, I'm pretty involved in the Glee fandom right now, specifically in the Klaine and Quinntana subfandoms.

I do, however, love internet fandom at large. I'm very big into Glee, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, and Community right now. Waiting on baited breath for season 3 of Game of Thrones!

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