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14 March 2013 @ 01:27 pm

I've got 20 minutes to go eat lunch and maybe - hopefully - get another chapter of City of Glass read, but I wanted to dash off a quick post.

For the past few weeks, I've been stopping anyone who would listen to complain about the project we've been doing for Gay and Lesbian Lit. It centered around the film Milk, and 1970s activism, and I did learn quite a bit. But the forced activism subsection of the project has left me in a near-constant state of anxiety.

We did our final part of the project today and I'm very glad it's over.

Although, the other two groups did make me feel bad that I didn't (or we didn't, collectively) do more. It just turned out that most of our group wasn't amazingly enthusiastic about the idea, and so we got through by the skin of our teeth. In our defense, all the other groups had seven people, and we only had five, because one of the people in our group dropped the course, and the other one is having severe family issues preventing her from attending class.

We were supposed to earn 300 points to get a pizza party - our group only got 200, all the other groups crested 300. I think the actual rules were to collectively as a class earn 300 points, and it's not like I'm amazingly attached to the idea of a pizza party anyway, but I feel as though I've failed myself by not trying harder.

Having said that, I have two exams tomorrow that I've also been simultaneously studying for, and a terrible lab to sit through for two hours next, and I just started my period last night, so I'm sort of a stressed-out over-hormonal wreck.

And I turned red when I read my speech. Why do I always do that? Even when I'm not nervous - or not that nervous. I didn't have this problem last semester, and yet. Here it is all over the place.

I just try to do as good as I can and not dwell on it. Thank the gods for Spring Break because I REALLY could use a week off.